Story Behind Hyderabad Gets India’s Largest Flag at Rs 3 Crore

The Chief Minister said the flag will instil nationalism among the citizens and will be symbol of pride

Story Behind Hyderabad Gets India’s Largest Flag at Rs 3 Crore

On Telangana’s second formation day, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao hoisted India’s biggest and largest tricolour in Hyderabad.The government of Telangana had commissioned the tallest national flag in the entire country. This massive undertaking was completed in a record time of just 25 days, spending Rs 3 Crore. The 288ft flag mast was manufactured by ‘Skipper Limited, Kolkata’. The Flag itself, weighing 63 kgs was manufactured in Khammam by the Philvex Hobby Society.

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A 500 Metric Ton capacity Crane was brought in from Mumbai to erect the 40 Metric Ton flag mast. The entire project right from design, fabrication and erection was completed in a record 25 days. The flag now stands, at the Sanjeeviah Park, as a shining monument to the strong nationalist values of the citizens of this young state. Here a few pictures that tell all about the effort that went into making this monument. hyderabad_flaga hyderabad_flagshyderabad_flagd
Some facts about the flag.


The flag is now a major monument of Hyderabad. The Beauty of this fantastic installation is hard to describe in words. We, however, have pictures for you.hyderabad_flagddd hyderabad_flagdfdsf hyderabad_flagdfsf

Here’s a small news piece on this historic incident.

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