Call My Number, I’ll Kidnap Women for You, Says BJP MLA Ram Kadam

Ram Kadam

Mumbai: In a controversial statement, a Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam on Monday offered to “kidnap” the girl a boy likes even if she rejects the proposal. Ram Kadam’s shocking statement at a ‘dahi handi’ event in Ghatkopar Assembly constituency in Mumbai has drawn sharp reactions not only from the Opposition but also ally Shiv Sena.

In a video clip which is going viral, Kadam is heard as telling the crowd: “You (youngsters) can meet me for any work.” He alleged receiving requests from youngsters to help them after girls said no to their proposal. “I will help, 100 percent. Come (to me) with your parents.”

“What will I do if parents approve? I will kidnap the girl concerned and hand her over to you (for marriage),” he speaks in the Marathi language. Not only this, the BJP MLA further shared his mobile number with the youngsters. Kadam has, however, now said his comments were distorted.

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Meanwhile, Shiv Sena has asked Kadam to apologize. It further asked Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis what action would be taken against the MLA for issuing a statement that “threatens the safety of girls”.

Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray said Kadam’s “offer” meant the MLA believed that “marriage is like forming a government”.”Ashamed and disgraced that he sits in the legislative assembly of Maharashtra- a land of culture & women liberty,” he tweeted.

“Not just an outright apology from him, but I’d want to know from the Home Minister of Maharashtra what action will be taken for openly making such statements that threaten the safety of girls and offering safety to those wanting to kidnap them,” he added. Commenting on Kadam’s statement, the Nationalist Congress Party said it highlighted “Ravana-like” face of the BJP. The Congress has called for Kadam’s arrest.




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