If 3 Minutes Exceeds Waiting in Toll Lane You can Go Directly Without Paying Toll Tax

toll tax

Did you know you could evade paying the toll tax if your waiting time exceeded three minutes? Neither did we!

After Advocate Hariom Jindal filed an RTI last year, it was revealed that vehicles crossing any toll plaza in the country had to do so within three minutes. In case, the time exceeded three minutes, the commuters were free to pass the plaza without paying a rupee.

Dear all,

I was told by friends that attempts have been made by Toll collection company to mislead people by wrongly informing that no rule of 3 minutes is applicable for letting vehicles go free of cost. I had taken up with NHAI regarding harassment of commuters at Toll Plaza. My video interview by Ajit TV was posted some time ago. Now at the desire of friends like Anoop Garg, Ramit Saxena , Rahul Verma and others, I post the official communication from NHAI as part of many exchanges of letter with the department. Also a case is pending against Soma for not providing proper roads. FYI.

Adv Hariom Jindal.




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