Akshay Kumar deletes old tweet on ‘cleaning up bicycles’ to counter rising fuel prices


“Guys, I think it’s time to clean up your bicycles and hit the road! As per sources, expecting another petrol price hike”. Akshay Kumar’s tweet on rising petrol prices is timeless. It is as applicable today as it was in 2012 when Akshay Kumar tweeted it. This old tweet was dug out by Twitter users but before everyone could have a good laugh, Akshay Kumar decided to delete it.

Akshay Kumar Tweet Akshay Kumar Tweet

We wonder what made Akshay Kumar delete his tweet. Is it because he doesn’t want to be seen as critical of the BJP government? Is it because he doesn’t want people to learn about his double standards? The reasons for deleting the tweet are best known to him.

Since Akshay Kumar doesn’t want people to see this tweet, he may not be very pleased to know that his tweet is archived for posterity.

Many of those who shared jokes and witty one-liners on social media before 2014 have fallen silent now. So much so that Twitter users compete with each other to dig out old tweets and question the hypocrisy behind their silence.

Prominent Bollywood stars who are silent now include Amitabh Bachchan who has not cracked any petrol joke after 2014.




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