5 places in India where Indians are not allowed | Check out the places

5 places in India where Indians are not allowed

5 places in India where Indians are not allowed

This is something interesting, in India there were some places Indian are not allowed! Yes really strange. Check the places below.

1. Uno-In Hotel, Bengaluru:

indians not allowed in india

This hotel in Bengaluru was set up in 2012 exclusively for Japanese people. However, the hotel was soon shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation in the year 2014 on charges of racial discrimination.

2. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol:

Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol

This cafe in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh shot to fame in mid 2015 when the owner of the place refused to serve an Indian woman while welcoming only the Israelis.

3. “Foreigners Only” beaches in Goa:

"Foreigners Only" beaches in Goa

There are a number of beach shack and restaurant owners in Goa who openly prefer foreign tourists over Indian people.

4. A certain lodge in Chennai:

 A certain lodge in Chennai

Given the pseudonym of ‘Highlands’, a certain hotel in Chennai only serves customers who possess a foreign passport. According to a story on Deccan Herald, an apparent ‘No Indian’ policy is quite strictly enforced in the hotel, whereby only Indians in possession of a foreign passport may stay.

5. Puducherry’s “Foreigners Only” beaches:

Puducherry's "Foreigners Only" beaches

Just like in Goa, there are beaches in Puducherry where some beaches, shacks and restaurants are reserved exclusively for foreigners.




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