19 reasons of why reservation system should be abolished in India

19 reasons of why reservation system should be abolished in India

Reservation A Simple logic:

Res: Father got a job in reservation and mother too. Later their children and their children it continues.

General: Father no job, struggling mother no job, children in poverty.

It’s time to change the System. Reservation should be based on Merit and Economic Status

Why we don’t need Reservations in India:

1. We have a lot of quantity but what we want is quality.. Give a chance to the deserved rather than the reserved.

2. Really talented people don’t get what they deserve…because they are not ‘reserved’.

3. Reservation should be abolished or soon INDIA will get abolished . . .!

4. To prove the word equality in the constitution.

5. As abroad India should offer free quality education and should sponsor scholarships for the unprivileged poor student, reservation is just opposite to it.

6. So that the quality people and real talent can get the opportunity.

7. Due to reservations, we’re feeling guilty, because underserved people are getting seats and thus we are failing to show equality even if we want.

8. The reservation system is affecting education system.

9. Reservation system should be abolished because it is associated with the caste’s rather than the economically backward.

10. It was meant to end, not to increase with time…

11. Because the reserved are preferred over the deserved and that reserved is undeserving.

12. Because if this system continues…. India was developing country….India is developing country….and India will be a developing country forever…..

13. If reservation policy continues it will lead to the “murder of merit”.

14. Because generals are also human beings and they are neither born with extraordinary brains, they have a silver spoon in their mouth.

15. Because the demon of Casteism is growing on account of reservation. People make fake caste certificates and taking the seats and scholarships of the talented ones. If the deserved people had got reservations, India could have become a developed country. Poverty and backwardness does not recognize any caste.

16. For the accomplishment of equal opportunity to deserving candidates…

17. Because it breaks the unity of the country.

18. So that all people may feel that they are being treated equally…!!

19. Even after 69 years of reservations system, they still need reservations. It means, they just don’t deserve it!!





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